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By the Numbers...

We've put together some facts and figures to better guide you in the right direction when considering how to make the best decisions in your next painting project.


Painting the interior of a house results in a 107 percent return on investment (ROI). Home value estimates increase, on average, by more than twice the cost spent on interior painting services.

With most people's largest investment being their home, the highly skilled painters at Fusion Painting take great pride in helping to add to the value of your house.


Twelve percent of married couples report contemplating getting a divorce at least once during a DIY home improvement project.

Protect your marriage, skip the DIY and let the professionals at Fusion Painting handle everything for you.


55 percent of Americans will still have painting stuck on their to-do list. The most common reasons that projects stall or end up costing more than they should are because they were either put off for too long, or were not done by a professional the first time around.


Let our professional staff at Fusion Painting help to tick things off of your to-do list, while keeping your project on time and on budget.


With the right color front door, your house could sell for $6,000 more than expected. Go with the wrong color for the kitchen or the exterior of the house and you might end up losing money.

Let the experts at Fusion Painting help you navigate the vast array of color choices and paint finishes so you can get the most out of your home painting budget. 

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